Chardas Cattery - Terms and Conditions

  1. The health, safety, security and comfort of your animal is of paramount importance to us however, we cannot accept liability in the event of loss resulting from illness or any other cause.
  2. If in our opinion, your animal requires veterinary attention during their stay with us, you agree to accept and bear any treatment cost that may result. Transport to and from your nominated veterinary surgery will be charged at 50p per mile however, we will NOT charge you any additional fees for our time.
  3. In the interests of your cats safety and in accordance with the conditions of our license, we will only accept cats with sight of a valid vaccination certificate and where a minimum of two weeks from the last vaccination booster date or four weeks from the second dose of a full vaccination date have elapsed and where vaccinations do not expire during your cats stay with us.
  4. No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease can be accepted. All cats will be examined on arrival and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon. You will appreciate this is to safeguard the health of all cats boarded.
  5. Chardas Country Cattery reserves the right to re-home any animal not collected within 28 days of the agreed collection date unless by prior agreement (every effort will be made to reach an amicable solution prior to this course of action being taken). Owners will remain liable for full boarding fees up to such time as the animal has been successfully re-homed or collected by its owner.
  6. Animals will only be accepted and released during normal opening hours at an approximate time by prior arrangement.
  7. Booked periods must be paid for in full by cash, cheque, debit / credit card or bank transfer on collection and early collection balances cannot be refunded.
  8. Cancellation charges; within 4 weeks of the booking start date - £25, within 7 days of the booking start date - 50% of the total booking fee (minimum £25.00), on or after the booking start date - full booking fee